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All too often, inflammatory rhetoric surrounds pregnancy help centers.  People throw around terms like “pro-life” and “pro-abortion,” without regard to the emotional and sometimes violent images that are attached to them.  We prefer to consider ourselves PRO-WOMAN.

Some may wonder what that means.

Pro-Woman means SUPPORT.

We are first and foremost here to provide support and services to any prospective mother, regardless of race, color or religion.  We are a ministry of helps, seeking to provide care and concern to those women in need.

Pro-Woman means COMPASSION.

We are not here to judge or condemn anyone.  We are not here to add to the shame or burden that a young woman may already be carrying during an unplanned pregnancy.  We are here to offer love and hope.

Pro-Woman means CONCERN.

We are concerned, first and foremost, with providing the most complete information we can about ALL of the options before a woman with a concern about her pregnancy.

Pro-Woman means RESOURCES.

We are a holistic ministry, featuring various avenues to help mothers and mothers-to-be.  Our clients are eligible to receive FREE pre-natal vitamins.  Formula, diapers, clothing and toys are just a few of the things available in our Stork’s Nest store, an integral part of our Earn While You Learn program.  Educational opportunities to prepare men and women for the challenges of parenting are a great opportunity to earn vouchers to spend in the Stork’s Nest.


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